Biryani hai…..

Biryani is a seamless blend of Mughlai and Irani Cuisine. If the present day ‘masterchefs’ are to be believed, Biryani is supposed to be cooked in earthen pots called Handi, which is so sealed on the top such that the vapour stays inside till the Biryani is cooked. This is supposed to help the rice and gosht retain the aroma and flavour. This is also referred to as Dum Biryani.

However, interesting piece of information is that originally Biryani was cooked in big iron utensils that had a very fine work and they were called – Kalai. This information is almost like ‘Kalai Khulna’ of the entire Biryani industry that is dolling out ‘kilos’ of something they like to call Biryani. These Kalai utensils had intricate work done by master craftsmen who moulded the surface with gentle blows of hammer for days to ensure better heat distribution to the dish.

To janaab agar 40 kilo ki Kalai mein nhi bana hai … to Biryani hai hi nahi. Theek jaise ki vegetarian Biryani jaisi koi cheeze nhi hoti. Humare paas ‘Biryani Hai’ kyunki kuchh aur chahiye bhi to kya!